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The Lafayette Charter School tuition-based Pre-K program offers stimulating activities and educational programs that help children (age 4-5) learn and grow.

2016-2017 Daily Schedule  ‚Äč

Meet & Greet
  20 minutes
Circle Time / Story Time (Big Experience 1)
  30 minutes
Snack Time
  20 minutes
Learning Centers with Small-Group Instruction
  60 minutes
Circle Time / Story Time (Big Experience 2)
  35 minutes
Lunch   35 minutes
Outdoor Time
  30 minutes
Read Aloud: Children's Choice
  15 minutes
Quiet Time
  45 minutes
Circle Time
  25 minutes
Circle Time / Story Time (Big Experience 3)
  35 minutes
Gym   30 minutes
Learning Center with Small-Group Instruction
  30 minutes
Closing   10 minutes

Big Day for PreK  published by Scholastic


Each day is organized around three Big Experiences - Whole–Group, Circle Time and Story Time lessons- that provide an anchor for conversation, play, and learning.  Carefully selected activities ground the entire class in a common Big Experience.  Big Experiences provide integrated learning opportunities and introduce children to new vocabulary, concepts, and skills.  Big Day for PreK provides instruction in all learning domains:


*Social-Emotional Development

*Oral Language and Vocabulary

*Emergent Reading

*Emergent Writing



*Social Studies

*Fine Arts

*Physical Development



Oral language is at the heart of Big Day for PreK instruction. The curriculum provides opportunities for children to hear language modeled and use language in rich and varied contexts.  A wealth of materials and strategies included help teachers promote development of the most important language skills:


Listening Comprehension

Speaking and Conversation

Sentence Structure

Oral Vocabulary


A diverse collection of Authentic Literature and Non-Fiction:  Books of every time – big books, lap books, little books, eBooks, video storybooks, audiobooks, and take-home books.  A wide variety of Genres – fiction, non-fiction, rhymes, poetry, realistic fiction, Content-area books, multicultural books, alphabet books – expose children to all kinds of text.  Classic and Contemporary Favorites - award–winning titles all children will love!

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