About LCS

What is a Charter School?

Lafayette Charter School is a tuition-free public charter school district operating under the authority of the Minnesota Department of Education.


Our Mission

The mission of the Lafayette Charter School is to create a positive learning environment for general education, enhanced with agricultural concepts and electronic technology, to benefit students, the school, and the community.


About LCS

  1. *Licensed teachers and qualified support staff

  2. *Core curriculum of language arts, math, science, and social studies

  3. *Weekly classes in character education, agriculture, technology, music, art, and library

  4. *Daily physical education

  5. *Special Education and Title I services

  6. *Free bus transportation from several surrounding communities including New Ulm, Winthrop, and more

  7. *All day, every day Kindergarten

  8. *School nutrition program providing breakfast and hot lunch, including free and reduced price meals

  9. *Wellness program encouraging healthy eating and exercising habits

  10. *Tuition-based PreK is offered on-site.  PreK is under the authority of the Minnesota Dept. of Education and has a Four Star Parent Aware Rating.

  11. *Open enrollment students are welcomed at any time

  12. *On-site greenhouse incorporated into agriculture classes

  13. *On-site private fee-based piano lessons are offered during the school day

  14. *LCS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability


Why LCS? What makes it different?

  1. *Our small class sizes result in greater individualized attention to students.

  2. *In multi-age PreK to 8 homerooms, we focus on positive social skills and character education education.

  3. *Each student learns at his/her own pace in multi-level classrooms

  4. *We honor students and teach positive character traits at assemblies produced by the students

  5. *We encourage extensive parental involvement in student learning and school functions

  6. *We educate students on the significance of the agricultural base of our community

  7. *We integrate technological curriculum into academic courses and provide media opportunities for our students